James Figg (d. 8 December 1734)


  • Birth of James Figg

    James Figg  is born in Thame, Oxfordshire.

  • Moves to London

    Figg begins his career in the "Noble Science of Defence" in London as a scholar of Master Timothy Buck of Clare Market.

  • Establishes his House

    Figg as victualler establishes his House at the Sign of the City of Oxford.

  • Builds Amphitheatre

    Figg builds an Amphitheatre attached to or next to his House. The address given in advertisements is "Figg's new Amphitheatre, joining to his House, the Sign of the City of Oxford, in Oxford Road, Marybone Fields."

  • Jack Sheppard visits Figg's House

    Jack Sheppard stops "to take a reconciling Glass" on the way to his execution at Tyburn. Figg gives him "a Pint of Glass of Sack and a Toast."

  • Appointed as Gate Keeper

    The Earl of Essex appoints Figg as Gate-Keeper to the Upper St. James's Park.

  • James Figg's death

    Figg dies at his house in Oxford Road on the night of December 8, 1734, of "a Lethargy," according to the Daily Journal (issue 4338, December 9). He is buried at St. Marylebone Churchyard on the 11th.