The frontispiece is missing from the pamphlet at the University of Illinois Library, from which this digital edition is created. The frontispiece image used in this edition is provided courtesy of the Huntington Library.

Maevius, thou worst of Men (if Man thou art) Thou Syren Charmer, with a Daemon’s Heart To Vice indulgent, Virtue you pollute, And prey, like Wasps, upon the fairest Fruit.


Occasion’d by a Manuscript handed about, under the Title of, Mr. Taste’s Tour from the Land of Politeness, to that of Dulness and Scandal, &c. &c.

Ingratitude’s the Growth of ev’ry Clime.

Addison’s Cato.


Printed and Sold by J. Dormer, next Ludgate.

(Price One Shilling.) 1733.