Full Texts and Editions

The following short list will eventually include all texts released by ECCO-TCP. A few exemplary editions are works in progress, and are being marked up in HTML5 with microdata using the schema.org vocabulary. Please note that with the exception of the completed edition of Ned Ward's A Trip to Jamaica (ed. David Oakleaf), the editorial notes and introductions for these works are in progress.

  • T49552: A South-Sea Ballad (1720), edited by Allison Muri
  • R905: A Trip to Jamaica With a True Character of the People and Island, edited by David Oakleaf
  • T51832: A true character of Mr. Pope, and his writings, edited by Benjamin Neudorf
  • R6558: Five love-letters from a nun to a cavalier. Done out of French., edited by David Oakleaf
  • N8134: Ingratitude: To Mr. Pope, edited by Allison Muri
  • T5549: The Dunciad Variorum (1729), edited by Allison Muri and Catherine Nygren
  • T119938: The London Spy Compleat (1703), edited by Allison Muri and Benjamin Neudorf
  • T5728: The Rape of the Lock (1714), edited by Allison Muri
  • T5385: The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope (1717), edited by Allison Muri