St. Katherine's Prison


  • St. Katherine's Prison
  • St . Catharine's Prison

Street/Area (default name)

  • St. Katherine's Precinct


from A New View of London, by Edward Hatton (1708)

[St. Catharine's Prison.] St. Catharines ... Here is also a Prison for Debtors within this Precinct, in which no one can be arrested for Debt but by an Order of the Board of Green Cloth.

from State of the Prisons in England and Wales, by John Howard (1777)

St. Catharine's Prison, for Debtors.

This Prison, rebuilt about seven years ago, is a small House of two stories; two rooms on a floor. In April 1774 there was a Keeper, but no Prisoners. I have since that called two or three times; and always found the House uninhabited.

[1779, 2nd edition, adds: "In August 1779, it was inhabited but there were no prisoners.]