Notes & Essays

—original scholarship by Grub Street Project contributors

Grub Street

The Grub Street Myth, by Pat Rogers

Owls, Print Culture, and Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century Britain: the Iconography of Grub Street, by Allison Muri

The Grub-Street Journal, by Pat Rogers

History and Culture of London

Almanacs, by Pat Rogers

Cricket, by Pat Rogers

The French Prophets, by Pat Rogers

Frost Fairs, by Pat Rogers

The Marriage Act of 1753, by Pat Rogers

The Royal Academy of Music, by Pat Rogers

The Stationers' Company, by Pat Rogers

The York Buildings Company, by Pat Rogers

London and its Environs

Chiswick House, by Pat Rogers

Cuper's Gardens, by Paul F. Rice

Fleet Ditch, by Pat Rogers

Hampstead Wells, by Paul F. Rice

Keith's Chapel, by Pat Rogers

Marylebone Gardens, by Paul F. Rice

Ranelagh Gardens, by Paul F. Rice

Stationers' Hall, by Pat Rogers

Vauxhall Gardens, by Paul F. Rice

White Conduit House, by Paul F. Rice

Extracts from Daniel Defoe’s Account of London
introduction and selections by Pat Rogers

Introduction and Table of Contents

People of London

John Arbuthnot (1667–1735), by Pat Rogers

Thomas Augustine Arne (1710–1778), by Paul F. Rice

Mary Astell (1668–1731), by Sharon L. Jansen

Thomas Attwood (1765–1838), by Paul F. Rice

Aphra Behn (1640–1689), by Laura Runge

Martha Blount (1690–1763), by Pat Rogers

Sir John Blunt (1665–1733), by Pat Rogers

William Boyce (1711–1779), by Paul F. Rice

Richard Boyle, third Earl of Burlington (1694–1753), by Pat Rogers

John Braham (1774/77?–1856), by Paul F. Rice

Isaac Brandon (1769–1847), by Philip Trotter

John Broughton (1704–8 January 1789), by Allison Muri

Charles Burney (1726–1814), by Paul F. Rice

Frances Burney (1752–1840), by Peter Sabor

Theophilus Cibber (1703–1758), by Donald W. Nichol

Maria Luisa Caterina Cosway (1760–1838), by Paul F. Rice

Edmund Curll (1683–1747), by Pat Rogers

Daniel Defoe (ca. 1660–1731), by Pat Rogers

John Dunton (1659–1733), by Katherine Playfair Quinsey

John Dryden (1631–1700), by Donald W. Nichol

Arabella Fermor (ca. 1689–1738), by Pat Rogers

Sarah Fielding (17101768), by Matthew Risling

Celia Fiennes (1662–1741), by Pat Rogers

James Figg (d. 8 December 1734), by Allison Muri

Ann Fisher (1719–1778), by Carol Percy

Eliza Haywood (ca. 1695–1756), by Allison Muri

James Hook (1746–1827), by Paul F. Rice

Theodore Edward Hook (b. 1788), by Paul F. Rice

Charles Benjamin Incledon (1763–1826), by Paul F. Rice

Samuel Johnson (1709–1784), by Nicholas Hudson

Samuel Johnson in Bolt Court, by Pat Rogers

Samuel Johnson in Gough Square, by Pat Rogers

Michael Kelly (1762–1826), by Paul F. Rice

Thomas Linley (1756–1778), by Paul F. Rice

Bernard Lintot (1675–1736), by Pat Rogers

Rosemond Mountain (1768?–1841), by Paul F. Rice

John Moore (d. 1737), by Pat Rogers

Mozart in London, by Pat Rogers

Anne Oldfield (1683–1730), by Pat Rogers

John Oldmixon (1673–1742), by Pat Rogers

Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741–1821), by Sharon L. Jansen

Alexander Pope (1688–1744), by Donald W. Nichol

Edith Pope (1643–1733), by Allison Muri

Sarah Popping (d. 1728), by Allison Muri

Matthew Prior (1664–1721), by Pat Rogers

Thomas Roseingrave (1690/91 – 1766), by Paul F. Rice

Margaret Caroline Rudd (1745–1798), by Pat Rogers

Elkanah Settle (1648–1724), by Pat Rogers

William Shield (1748–1829), by Paul F. Rice

John Christopher Smith (1712–1795), by Paul F. Rice

John Stanley (17121786), by Paul F. Rice

Anna Selina Storace (1765–1817), by Paul F. Rice

Stephen Storace (1762–1796), by Paul F. Rice

Mary Toft (1701–1763), by Pat Rogers

William Woodfall (1745–1803), by Leslie Ritchie

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797), by Kandice Sharren

Lady Mary Wortley Montague (1689–1762), by Isobel Grundy

Anne-Marie de Fauques de La Cépèdes de Vaucluse de Starck (1720–1804), by Isabelle Tremblay