Coldharbour Gate


  • Cold Harbour within the Tower
  • Ordnance Office
  • Coldharbour Gate
  • Coldharbour Tower
  • Cole Harbour Gate

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  • Tower of London

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from A New View of London, by Edward Hatton (1708)

Cold Harbor. The Ordnance Office is kept in Cold Harbor within the Tower, where strict Accounts are taken of, and Order for providing and disposing of Warlike Materials necessary for the defence of the Kingdom in Times both of Peace and War do issue. The chief Officer is the Master General, who is always a Person of great Merit, and one skill'd in Martial Affairs, having under his Inspection not only the Magazines and Stores necessary for the defence of this, but other places all over England where they are thought requisite; and for supplying our Armies at home & abroad with Artillery, Arms, Ammunition and all kinds of Instruments for War; to whom also all Engineers are accomptable in every part of England.

The present Master is his Grace, John Duke of Marlborough, under whom are these Patent Officers, viz.

A Lieutenant General, Surveyor, Clerk of the Ordnance, Keeper of the Stores, Clerk of the Deliveries, Treasurer and Paymaster; also Master Gunner of England, Keeper of the small Guns, and other inferiour Officers, as Clerks, Proof master, Master Carpenter, Master Wheelwright and Smith, Messengers, &c.

It is the Lieutenant's business to give orders for the discharge of such Guns as are set apart for that use on days of Triumph, Coronations, and other Festivals, and to see all Orders of the Master duely executed, &c.

The Surveyor is to view all Instruments and Warlike Stores which are in the Custody of the Storekeeper, and to take notice that all are kept safe and in due order, &c.

The Clerk enters all Orders given for the Government of the Ordnance Office, &c.

The Store-keeper has the Custody of all Necessaries for War, and gives Security that none be imbeziled, but all duely accounted for.

The Clerk of the Deliveries draws up all Proportions of Stores and Orders for their delivery, &c. for the discharge of the Store-keeper.

The Treasurer's Duty is to pay all Debentures, Salaries, &c. for all matters relating to this Office of Ordnance.

The Master Gunner is not only to instruct and approve of the inferiour, but to see that every one can do his Duty, &c. and to certifie the Ability of every Gunner to the Master General of the Ordnance.

from An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 5, East London, published by His Majesty's Stationery Office (1930)

[Coldharbour Gate or Tower.] ... Coldharbour Gate or Tower, adjoining the S.W. angle of the keep [White Tower] and now destroyed. ... The Tower of London is a fortress of the concentric type with a double circle of defences, a keep within the inner defences and an inner baily to the S. of it, formerly divided off by walls and entered by a gate, the Coldharbour Tower, now destroyed.