To the Reader

Part I

The Introduction, shewing the Design. A Tavern Bar­keeper and Drawers Describ’d. The Spy entertain’d at Dinner by some Town-Sharpers. A Character of the Company. A Description of a Coffee-House. The Character of a Vertuosa. Observations on Mens grow­ing Rich by Burying their Wives; with Reflections on some Apothecaries. The Character of a certain Bookseller. Of the East-India Company. A Story of a Per­son of Quality, who Courted a Poor Woman. A Poet’s Song against Musick. A Musician’s against Poetry. A Copy of Verses to a Lady, with her Answer. The Madmans Flight.

Part II

Remarks upon the Salt-Peter-House near Islington. On Head Dressers Shops. A Description of the Widdow’s Coffee-House, with its Furniture and Guests. Of a couple of Jilts. Of Flogging Cullies. Of a Child found in a Basket, and a Constables Learned Speech on that Occasion. Of the City Waits. Of the City Black-Guards. A Description of a Constables going the Rounds. On the Dark-House at Billingsgate; with the Diver­ting Conversation of the Fish-Women, Seamen, and o­thers. Of an Exchange-Commodity-Broker; and what Fortunes he had at his Disposal.

Part III

A Chamber in the Dark-House at Billingsgate, and, its Furniture Described. Of Billingsgate Market. Of Custom-House-Key, with the Character of a Land-wai­ter, and a Merchants Man. Pig-Hill describ’d. The Monument survey’d. Observations upon the London-Quest. Wise-Acres-Hall, alias Gresham-Colledge, Described. The Character of a Peripatetick. Of a Member of the Royal Society. A Description of Bed­lam. Remarks upon the Royal-Exchange, and the Costermongers at the Entrance. On the Merchants in their several Walks. Of a Graecian that sells Amber Necklaces. Honour and Glory, his Original. Of a Deformed Man, with a handsome Wife. Of the Lord Mayors Court, and the Office of Intelligence. A De­scription of the Exchange above Stairs; with Chaucers Character of a Sempstress.

Part IV

A Description of a Quakers Tavern in Finch-Lane. the Quakers Method of Drinking. A Song. A Charact­er of the Vintner. The Spy and his Friend go to the Angel in Fenchurch-street; from whence they were Committed to the Poultry Counter; which the Spy Describes. Their Examination before a Justice. A Po­etical Curse on the Constable. Remarks on Bow-Church Steeple. The Giants in Guild-Hall. The Sheriffs Court. The Court of Conscience, The Pictures of the Judges. On an Old Man with a great Nose. A Man that goes half Naked. Upon one in St. Pauls Church-Yard.

Part V

Remarks upon a Picture-Shop. On a Musick-Shop. On a Blind Balad-Singer. On St. Paul’s Church. On the Working of the Labourers there. On the Fire at St. Paul’s, and what Use the Dissenters make of it. On the Quire. A Country-mans Observation upon the Church. Remarks upon the People that Walk there. On the Woollen-Drapers Prentices. On the Prerogative-Office, with Observations on Heraldry, &c. Upon a Popular Weasel; The Ecclesiastical Court, and Doctors-Commons; Ludgate; The Sessions-House in the Old-Bailey, and Newgate. Remarks upon Smithfield-Market. On the Crown-Tavern at Duck-Lane-end. A Description of the Salesmen in Long-Lane, and a Curse upon them in Verse. Remarks on the Bear and Raggedstaff. On a parcel of Hog-Drivers; on the Sheep-pens; on the Lame-Hospital, and the Blew-Coat Boys.

Part VI

The Colledge of Physicians Describ’d; with Observations thereupon. Remarks upon Fleet-Bridge, and the Hu­mours of the People; with the Character of a Horse­Mountebank. The Character of a Quack in Verse. Remarks upon Fleet-Ditch. Bridewell Describ’d; the Miserable Condition of one of the Criminals; the manner of Trying ’em: The Correction given there to Young Women, no proper way to Reform ’em: A Poem on the Antient and Modern State of Bridewell. A Ramble to Mobs-Hole in Essex: a Description of the Hunters Feast, with the Humours of the Guests.

Part VII

The Spy’s Return from Mobs-Hole in a Coach; with Reflections thereupon. The Diversion he met with on the Thames, Remarks on the Play-House in Dorset-Garden, and the Inhabitants of Salisbury-Court. A Description of a Famous Tobacco-Ship in Fleet-Street. Remarks on White Fryars, with a Poem on the same. A Description of the Temple; with Reflections upon the Sharpers, &c. Remarks on the Motto of a Sun-Dial, and a Song thereupon. A Description of May-Fair.


The Spy and his Friend go to St. James’. The Opinion of an Irish Dear Joy upon the Whales Rib there. A Description of the Park, and the Ladies of the Court, with a Copy of Verses upon Woman, A Description of Westminster-Abby. A Company of Train-Bands, Westminster-Hall, and the Courts of Justice; with the Character of a Pettifogger. A Story of the Great Bell at Westminster. Remarks upon the Tennis-Court at White-Hall, and the Ruines there; with the Cha­racter of a Foot Soldier.

Part IX

A Story on the Admiralty-Office. A Description of Man’s Coffee-House; with the Humours of the Beaus; and a Copy of Verses thereon. Remarks upon the Horse Guards; on the Famous Cobler at Charing-Cross; on the Statue of King Charles the First: A Copy of Verses on that Unhappy Prince. Remarks upon the New-Ex­change. Upon the Devotion of the Covent-Garden Ladies, &c. And upon Covent-Garden Market. The Hummums, or Sweating-House Described. Several Diverting Stories told by the Rubber.

Part X

A Description of the Wits Coffee-House; with a Character of the Modern Poets. The Character of a Critick. A Poetical Letter from a Lawyer in Town, to an Officer in the Country. Remarks upon the Play-House in Drury-Lane. A Description of Bartholowmew-Fair. Remarks on the Cooks at Pye-Corner, and Bartholomew-Fair.

Part XI

A further Description of Bartholomew-Fair. Remarks upon the Eclipses of the Sun; the Observations of a Vint­ner and an Upholsterer thereupon; the Judgment of a Famous Astrologer upon the same.

Part XII

A Description of a famous Coffee-House in Aldersgate-Street; and how he engaged an Auctioneer there. A wonderful Relation of a pleasant Gentleman. A De­scription of the Spitting, Roasting and Eating of a whole Side of an Ox at the Kings-head Tavern at Chancery-Lane-End; with a Copy of Verses to the Vintner. A Description of the City-Triumphs on the Lord-Mayors-Day.


The Countrymans Report of the Tower. A Description of the City-Mob upon a Lord-Mayors Day. Remarks upon Tower-Hill, and a Blind Beggar, and a Mum­ping Parson. A Description of the Tower, and the Rarities that are to he seen there. Remarks on the Tower-Wharf, and the Guns upon it. Reflections upon a Tavern, and an Astrologer in Prescot-Street in Goodmans-Fields. On the Salamanca-Doctors Meeting-House.

Part XIV

Reflections on St. Catharines Ale-Houses, and the Tars that frequent them. A Seaman that had Spent his Money Reprehended by an Hostess. The Wheadles of the Wapping Hostess to Gull the Sea-Calves. A Des­cription of a famous Musick-House in Wapping. Reflections on the Danes Church. Rag-Fair Descr­ibed. Remarks upon a Coffee-House in Goodmans-Fields: With a Poem in Praise of Punch. Reflections upon Lotteries in General, and on that at Mercers-Chappel in Particular. With some Verses on Lotteries.

Part XV

The Character of Victualers in General. The Character of a Common Victualer in Verse. Of Astrologers and Wise Women. Of a Cunning Man in Verse. Of a Modern Reformer of Vice: Or, a Reforming Con­stable, in Prose and Verse. Comical Accidents and Occurrences.

Part XVI

A Description of a Company of Sea Commanders Drink­ing in a Tavern Kitchen. The Character of a Ma­ster of a Vessel, in Verse. An Account of the pleasant Conversation, in a Private-House, of two Country Par­sons and a sharp Town Quaker. A Description in Verse of a Merry Levite in his Cups. Reflections up­on Grays-Inn Walks, and the Persons that frequent them. The Characters of an Irishman. Of a Beau. Of a Modish-Lady, in Verse. Reflections upon the Stock-Jobbers at Jonathan’s Coffee-House. The Character of a Stock-Jobber.


Reflections upon Money, and the Bankers in Lombard-Street; a Story of their Extortion. The Character of a Banker, in Verse. A Comical Description of a Chri­stening; with the Humours of the Gossips. A Grace before and after Meat, in Verse. The Character of a Gossip in Verse.


The Description of Mr. Dryden’s Funeral, together with the manner of his Death. His Elegy. Some Passages of Hackney Coachmen in Quarrelling. Of the Mob conducting home a Prize-Fighting Gladiator. A Character of a Prize-Fighter in Verse. Of two Astro­logers going to Law. Of the Vanity of Astrologers, and Astrology in Verse. The End of their Suit.