The works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. In three volumes. Vol.I and II. Containing his poems and other pieces publish'd by the late Lord Bishop of Rochester; with some account of his life and writings. Vol.III. Containing his poems, plays, &c. publish'd in his younger years: with a translation of his six books of plants.

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London: printed for B. Tooke, J. Tonson, G. Strahan, W. Taylor, W. Mears, W. Chetwood, and T. Jauncy, 1721.
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3v.,plates : port. ; 12⁰
Vol.1 has an additional titlepage: 'The works of Mr. Abraham Cowley: in two volumes. ..' The twelfth edition, printed for, and sold by W. Taylor, 1721. Both the titlepages are cancels.

Vol.2, also of the twelfth edition, bearing the same imprint, and with a cancel titlepage, has continuous pagination with vol.1.

'The third and last volume of the works of Mr. Abraham Cowley', printed by Benj. Motte: for B. Tooke, G. Strahan, W. Mears, W. Chetwood, and T. Jauncy, 1721, is of the tenth edition; it includes 'The third part of the works of Mr. Abraham Cowley; being his six books of plants', which is of the fifth edition.
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Reissue? Other BL eds. 8?